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Cavitation Meter We offer used, rebuilt, and custom industrial ultrasonic cleaning & degreasing equipment. We also manufacture cavitation meters that instantly measure the intensity in ultrasonic tanks. These tools can be used to see whether an ultrasonic cleaning tank is working properly. We stock anything and everything to do with ultrasonic cleaners. We will repair or rebuild a customerís ultrasonic cleaner (any brand, style or size) at a reasonable rate. As a distributor of six major brand ultrasonic cleaners, we have the best prices and selection on new equipment as well.

If you are looking for a good ultrasonic cleaner at a very reasonable price, call or email us. We warranty everything we sell for a full year. Please feel free to browse through our web site, and we hope you enjoy your visit here at Alexy Associates, Inc.

Alexy Ultrasonics Corp.
86 Jim Stephenson Rd.
Swan Lake, NY 12783
Phone:  845.482.3000
AX:  845.482.3040


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