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Cornelius Alexy Our General Manager, Cornelius Alexy, started working with ultrasonics for Norman Branson in 1961. He founded Alexy Associates, Inc. in 1973. We have been selling and rebuilding used ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing equipment, and manufacturing custom and automated systems since then. Alexy Associates, Inc. has been manufacturing ultrasonic cavitation meters since 1974.

Here are some of examples of the many projects that Mr. Alexy has helped clean:

  • A whole airplane wing at Martin Marietta
  • Apollo 11 moon landing pod at Grumman
  • Heavy production parts of AR-15 rifle at Hydramatic and Colt
  • First integrated circuits during their development at IBM
  • 1 million hypo-needles every day at Sherwood Medical
  • Hubble Telescope optics at Perkin Elmer
  • Wire during drawing at 1000 FPM at Kanthal
  • Countless small projects (please see our rebuilt equipment information page for a list of some of our clients and projects).

With over 40 years experience in design, manufacture, and application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we will help you clean.

Our inventory of used ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the largest in the world, with over 600 units. We donít tell you what we have, we ask you what you need. We will match your cleaning application with suitable equipment to save you time and money.

All used units are sold completely rebuilt and carry a full year warranty, equivalent to that of the original manufacturer.

Partial Stock of used ultrasonic generators


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