Coat of Arms




Lowest cost, lower power level, designed for limited use.  Usually have deep drawn stainless steel tanks.  Usually have power supply built in below the tank. These units come in sizes from tea cup to about 5-7 gallons






Industrial Claner



High power intensity for fastest cleaning.  Heavy duty, most suitable for tough cleaning jobs, and industrial use.  Usually have a separate power supply attached to the tank. Standard industrial sizes range from 2 gallons to 50 gallons. Large Industrial sizes range from 50 gallons and up.








Ultrasonic energy is directed to the center of a stainless steel cylinder.  Used for continuous cleaning of wire, strip, tubing, cable, and rod at high speeds.  Very high intensity, up to 60 watts per square inch. 


cyssonicLarger scale Cylindrical Ultrasonic Cleaner



cleaningtank nobrand



Same as industrial tanks, but built into a floor standing cabinet.




Multi Station

A series of ultrasonic tanks built into a cleaning line utilizing a combination of ultrasonic, rinse, spray, and dry stations.  We can add automation any multi station.