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Vapor DegreaserA vapor degreaser cleans using nonflammable solvent.  The parts never come into contact with water, so there is no need to rinse, or dry.  Solvents are constantly being distilled in these units, and work is always being cleaned in 100% pure solvent. 

Most of the old chlorinated solvents were toxic, and have been replaced with newer, less toxic solvents.  One of the old chlorinated solvents is still used for dry cleaning clothing.  Contact Du Pont, Dow Chemical, or Allied Chemical for information on solvents.

Advantages of Vapor Degreasing

  • Thoroughly removes grease, oil, chips, and most other contaminants from metal parts of any size and shape, usually in a minute or less. 
  • Leaves parts clean, warm, dry, and ready for inspection, assembly, further fabrication, or finishing of any type. 
  • Minimizes rejects because vapor reaches and removes contaminants from deep draws, holes, and places which are most inaccessible. 
  • Reduces risk of damage to delicate parts.
  • Can be used alone, or as part of a process flow line.
  • Utilizes compact equipment that fits into small space. 
  • Consumes only small quantities of solvent.  Contaminated solvent is recovered economically for re use. 
  • Uses the absolutely pure vapors of a nonflammable solvent as a cleaning medium. 
  • Simplifies cleaning procedure; is easy to operate. 
  • Saves time and cost in its own operation, and in the subsequent handling and finishing of parts. 
    The unique feature of the process, no matter which combination of treatments may be used, is that work leaves the machine through the vapor area and is washed with pure liquid solvent which has condensed on all surfaces.  The parts are thus heated to the vapor temperature, and, on passing above the vapor level, are quickly dried by evaporation before removal from the machine. 

Applications and Basic Degreasing Methods

Vapor degreasing is employed for cleaning metal parts prior to inspection and assembly, or in preparation for subsequent processing or finishing operations such as rust- proofing, painting, electroplating, anodizing, and galvanizing.  Other materials such as glass, leather, and plastics can also be cleaned by this method.

Essentially, vapor degreasing comprises suspending work in the vapors of Trichloroethylene, or another chlorinated solvent, causing the hot vapor to condense on the surfaces.  The liquid condensate washes the part free of contaminates.  The part is removed from the degreaser, clean, dry, and ready for the next operation.  The vapor stage may be combined with immersion in boiling or warm solvent or spraying with warm solvent, as may be required by the shape, size, and type of parts, and nature of the soil to be removed.  Thus we may have any of the following cycles or occasional variations for special conditions:

Vapor Phase Only



Vapor phase only - The work is suspended in the vapors of boiling solvent.  The vapors condense on the cool metal surfaces.  The condensed solvent dissolves the greasy contaminants, and drips back into the degreaser.




Vapor Spray Vapor



Vapor-Spray-Vapor - The work is suspended in the vapors of boiling solvent.  A spray of warm liquid solvent is directed over the work.  The work then receives a vapor  rinse before removal.




Warm Liquid Vapor



Warm Liquid-Vapor - The work is immersed in warm liquid solvent, then suspended in a bath of solvent vapors. 




Warm Liquid Vapor



Boiling Liquid-Warm Liquid-Vapor - The work is immersed in boiling liquid solvent to utilize the rumbling mechanical action.  It is then rinsed in warm liquid solvent, and finally with vapor. 




Vapor spray ultrasonic vapor



Vapor-spray-ultrasonic-vapor. - For ultimate cleaning in solvent, the ultrasonic vapor degreaser is the best.  It has all of the advantages of vapor degreasers, plus the extra scrubbing action of the ultrasonic bath for the cleanest parts.




We have a complete inventory of all types of vapor degreasers in stock.  Our staff has decades of experience with vapor degreasing, and will be able to help you with your cleaning project.