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Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Cavitation Intensity Meter instantly measures ultrasonic energy (cavitation) directly in ultrasonic cleaning tanks. It is used to measure ultrasonic energy simply by dipping the cavitation meter probe into an ultrasonic tank. It is very rugged and built to last a lifetime. The solid stainless steel probe can be used in any harsh chemical and extreme environments.


With our cavitation meter, one can:

  • Detect loss of ultrasonic energy with periodic readings
  • Calculate best work loads
  • Determine most efficient baskets and work fixtures
  • Compare energy from tank to tank
  • Compare energy level over life of tank
  • Compare energy in tank loaded and unloaded
  • Day to day comparative readings







  • Range: 0-1000 Cavins for Aqueous, 0-100 Cavins for Solvents
  • Self powered- No batteries
  • Weight: 3.3 Lbs.
  • Temperature range: Probe -400 F to +1000 F, Meter -40 F to +149 F
  • Standard probe: 16  stainless steel indestructible
  • Optional probes: 22 , 28 , or remote
  • Case: Blue wrinkle ABS
  • Meter: 3.75  analog with glass window
  • Wall hanging bracket included



Model CM - 3 - 100
Price: $ 1695


Carry/Shipping Case  (Fits Standard 16" Probe) $395 (this comes in handy and protects the unit when shipping for re-calibration)
With 22 - probe:$1895
28 - probe:$2195
Remote probe:$2395 (48 flexible braided stainless steel cable)

All prices FOB Bethel, NY, USA


We also Offer Meter Calibration services for this and other models you may be using.