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repairWe do repairs on all brands of ultrasonic cleaners.  We have parts for most USA brands going back to vacuum tubes.  Send us any unit that you are having problems with, and we will repair it if repair is economical. 

We do not charge for estimates, but it is impossible to estimate without seeing the equipment, and doing some tests.  Send the unit in, and we will give you a repair estimate at no charge.  If your equipment is not economical to repair, we will scrap it.  If you want it returned, we will charge you to re assemble it, and pack it for return equipment. 


Repair Process

Equipment will be inspected and evaluated by a qualified technician that has many years of experience repairing ultrasonic cleaners.

Minor Repairs

Replace defective electronic components, test and re tune generator to tank.

Major Repairs

Replace eroded tank bottoms, and bond transducers.  To our knowledge, we are the only entity in the USA that is doing this. 

Complete Rebuild

Bring system into like new condition.  Note:  If we do not determine repair is economical, and will save money, we will recommend replacing the equipment with new or rebuilt equipment. 

We repair all brands, but here is a list of the most popular units that we normally work on:

  • Branson
  • Bransonic
  • Crest
  • Blackstone
  • Ney
  • CAE
  • Westinghouse
  • Magnapac
  • Midwest
  • Pillar
  • Power Sonic
  • W3 Ultrasonics
  • Reactone
  • Sonogen
  • Turco
  • Bendix
  • Swen Sonic
  • Blue Wave
  • Lewis
  • Sonicor
  • Ultrasonic Power Corporation
  • Wave Energy
  • Sonic Systems
  • Omega
  • Sonic 4
  • L&R
  • Sultan
  • Cole-Parmer
  • I Shore
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Reichert 
  • Omegasonics
  • Honda
  • Martin Walter
  • Baron Blakeslee
  • Detrex
  • Ultra Clean
  • Phillips
  • Acoustica
  • Powertron
  • Heat Systems

We have elaborate test equipment to evaluate, align, tune up any type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. 

Call us today and we will get your equipment problem solved quickly.